[coarse] paw! raw


paw! raw

On the outside, they resemble a fluid physicality, effortlessly connected to their surroundings. Meanwhile, inside a destructive nothingness stirs, waiting for the perfect moment to escape their empty shells in a beautiful display of rage.

Though fearless, their existence is infinitely detached and without meaning – a burden to bear forever.

ready to take your signature

coarse is on a mission to protect its rarest species. In order to salvage released editions, we are now offering one of our most iconic art figures, exposed in raw beauty. 

the first ever raw art piece from coarse

The 12'' paw! comes painted in untouched white. Keep him pure or turn paw! into your own one of a kind piece — we give the future of paw! into your hands. 

The tiny monkey–rabbit is cushioned in black sponge and packed securely in a carton box — covered in heavy art drawing paper, printed in light grey tones. Ready to take your signature. paw! raw is on sale for a limited time only.