Since more than 30 years the artist Herbert Rometsch, who lives and works in Munich, is researching the problem of the photographic image and thus a seemingly unlimited number of images emerged over the course of time, which is still growing day by day. The image motifs are chosen with a practised eye for the smaller and the bigger relations, the inconspicious and the unapparent. Between detailed exposures of „urban furniture“ one finds street-art and the interference of both in the focus of the artist. Influenced by Informel and artists like Ugo Mulas, K.R.H. Sonderborg as well as Wols and Blinky Palermo, Herbert Rometsch generates a sign language, that subsists on spontanous impulses and transmits itself directly in lines, stripes and colour planes.
The images emerge playfully while researching the everyday life. In the work of Rometsch traces, tags, obliterations, comments and creative eruptions of any kind are assembled into a dense and compressed new totality. The artist considers his works as a way to communicate with the city, as an observer who starts with existing impulses and abstracts the processes that come into being here. The photographies emerge like scetches, radiating urbanity and ease.

Lea Grebetranslated by Stefan Schessl